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CSA Farm House

Welcome to Green Earth Farm. We're a 10 acre farm a few miles south of the Wisconsin border, in Richmond, Illinois. Several years ago we were fortunate to buy a farm from a local farmer who valued the nutrient-rich soil, and in the 40 years he farmed this land, never sprayed his fields. We inherited the added bonus of his years of raising cattle and dairy cows, who left their legacy with wonderfully natural fertilizer that still enriches our land. So with that headstart, what better to do with our farm than to grow natural, organically grown produce?

On our 10 acre farm, we produce over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits. They are grown organically, using sustainable farming practices. We hand select our seeds from heirloom varieties that have been passed down through the generations. These are the varieties that your grandparents grew long ago.

Natural Creek

Pure water flowing from artesian springs on our farm gives a healthy addition to our produce and forms our beautiful natural creek. Our grounds have never been exposed to any pesticides or other chemicals and therefore are extremely rich and naturally organically healthy.

Green Earth Farm began as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). But with a huge rustic barn that no longer housed cows, we decided to convert a small part of it into a pet boarding facility; embracing the farm philosophy that "everything earns its keep."

Our Philosophy...

Weekly Produce Boxes Filled with Certified Naturally Grown Heirloom Vegetables

In our CSA, our goal is to provide healthy, delicious, naturally grown produce, poultry and eggs. We want to reintroduce the community to the joy of buying food from local farmers, where they can see and taste the freshness, while being active in promoting the sustainability of our planet.

In our kennel, our goal is to provide your beloved four legged family members a safe, quiet, "home away from home". When your pets are our guest, they will be given individual attention, lots of love and play time in a farm fresh environment. To meet this goal we chose to have a small kennel, with only 6 individual and private runs that we could manage together as a family without having to hire strangers to care for your pets.

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