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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the concept of local farmers growing produce for members of their community – the traditional method of buying produce before the advent of grocery stores at the beginning of the twentieth century. Farmers and CSA members work together, with CSA members providing the financial support the farmer needs to grow their food (by paying for their seasonal membership fee), and farmers investing that paid fee into the farm to run the farm and grow the produce. CSA members “pledge” to support the farm through the purchase of their share, and farmers “pledge” to work their hardest to provide an abundant season of healthy, delicious food. In this way, farmers and CSA members provide mutual support and share the mutual risk and benefits of the season’s harvest. By paying for the seasonal membership fee up front, the farmer can concentrate on farming rather than marketing.

This farmer/community relationship eliminates the middle man (grocery stores) which reduces the price for the members, and enables farmers to receive a fairer price for their crops, as well as allowing the CSA member to see where and how their food is grown. This benefit of buying from a local farmer has become increasingly important as the country’s food system becomes more inundated with genetically modified (GMO) produce, and internationally imported organic produce and other labels that do not mean what they imply.

So How Does it Work?

The growing season is approximately 16 weeks or more (from June to October). Our members will pay one set price for the entire season of bounty. Each week you will come to the farm (or one of the drop off points) and receive a box of whatever has been harvested that week. One box should feed a family of four. If you need more than that, you can buy a share and a half.

Those who need less can go in with a friend and share or purchase a half share. If you don’t live close to Green Earth Farm, get your friends and neighbors to join also, and you can take turns making the trip to Richmond.

In case you aren't able to pick up your share any particular week, you can give it to a friend or a neighbor, or we will donate it to a local food pantry.

What Produce Can You Expect?

Every farmer has his favorite crops, but most CSAs strive to offer a diverse selection of spring, summer and fall produce that will appeal to the majority of consumers and provide a plentiful box of delicious vegetables during the 16 or so week growing season. The majority of Green Earth Farm's produce are heirloom vegetables. Just like our heritage animals, heirloom vegetables are grown from seeds that have been handed down through generations -- and have not been genetically enhanced, altered or modified. These are the vegetables that grandpa used to grow.

We plant over 100 different varieties of vegetables and herbs to create the ultimate medley of produce for the season.

Membership Fees

  • Full Share - $540 per season
  • Half Share - $300 per season
  • 5 Week Share - $180

From Our Family to Yours

We want to thank you for being a part of something special. The idea behind our farm is to offer an innovative and community-based solution to the most critical environmental, social and economic challenges we must face. We hope that our attention to detail and our love of farming shows through in the food we share. Vegetables are at their most nutritious when freshest, and your share will always be harvested the day of pickup or delivery. Feel free to call or stop by the farm and get close to your food again!

- Scott and Kathy

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