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Your Pets Home Away From Home

Tomi and Tiger

Your pet is a part of your family. When you have to leave him for a few hours, a few days, or even longer, your peace of mind is as important as your pet's well-being. At Green Earth Farm your pet is a part of our family as long as he's a guest with us. We are a small family owned business, operating our kennel and our CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture). We are on the premises 24/7 when your pet is our guest. Kennels are divided by a six foot solid brick wall. This will provide your pet with a stress-free pen where they won't see other animals. Each kennel is large enough to accommodate two medium sized dogs, for families with pets who prefer to stay together.

Mikey and Atlas

Our philosophy is that bigger isn't necessarily better. The bigger the kennel, the more strangers will be involved in your pet's care. The bigger the kennel, the less attention can be devoted to your pet. Green Earth Farm has four individual kennels. Each kennel can easily hold two medium sized dogs if you have two dogs that you’d like to keep together. We feel that a manageable number of animals where each pet can have more special attention, plenty of outdoor time and less stress in a quieter, homier environment is better for everyone.

What Green Earth Farm Offers

  • We offer daycare and overnight kennel services.
  • Kennels are cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Owners are on the premises 24/7.
  • Pets can be dropped off or picked up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We only have four kennels so it's never overly loud and stressful to your pets.
  • Owners can bring any special items for their pet - including beds, bowls, toys, blankets, etc.
  • You can bring your pet's own food or we can provide, but there is no extra charge for you to bring your own food.
  • Dogs are walked at owner's request.
  • In addition to their own indoor run, dogs have access to their own private outdoor run all day (weather permitting), and given access to a larger fenced run periodically.
  • Our kennel is built in a huge rustic barn overlooking hundreds of acres of working farmland. Your dogs will be in a quiet environment, able to watch the horses, goats, sheep, chickens and ducks roam around the farm.
  • You can call or email us anytime while your pets are with us to check on them.

Fees and Services

  • Overnight Boarding - $20 per night
  • Daycare (7am - 7pm)* - $18

*Earlier drop off or later pick up may incur a slightly higher fee.


  • All dogs must have proof of current Rabies, Bordatella and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations.

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